Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Word Counting Utility for Writers – Byte

I’ve had a rule since my I started being a geek freelance writer back in the early 1970s: everything is copy! In other words, build no contraption or tool (or even a client project) without somehow mining it for at least one magazine article. This of course helped feed my addiction to gizmology, and from…

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Online Information Retrieval, Promise and Problems – Byte

One of my obsessions in the early 1980s was the emerging world of online databases… Lockheed’s Dialog system and others. Youngsters can think of this as paleo-Googlage, with very limited datasets (by today’s standards) centralized in corporate servers. This article in Byte covers some of the potential of these tools, and near the end takes…

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National Computer Conference – NCC 1981 – Byte

My favorite geek-freelancing activity back in the early ’80s was heading off to a conference or trade show, then spinning tales of new technology for the readers of my favorite magazines. This one was at the other end of some spectrum from the Artificial Intelligence conference that led to my cover story in the same…

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Artificial Intelligence – Byte

This was my first substantial essay on AI, and fell out of an intensely stimulating two-week adventure at Stanford University that included the first International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, a LISP conference, schmoozing with some truly amazing authors, hanging out at Xerox PARC for an evening, and generally getting my brain expanded during every waking…

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LISP Comes of Age

In August 1980, I flew from Ohio to attend the Artificial Intelligence conference (AAAI) held at Stanford University, leading to my Byte cover story about AI. It was a huge adventure, connecting me with some incredible people… I have fond memories of an evening with astounding brains at Xerox PARC after playing with the bitmapped machines that later…

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Keyboard interface with cat

Polyphony Made Easy – Byte

One of my early interests in “the computer hobby,” as it was called in the 1970s, was music composition and synthesis. My homebrew 8008 system (October 1974) was immediately paired with a Walsh-function waveform generator and top-octave synthesizer, and as those early heady years passed I turned my attention often to music tools. This article…

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