Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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BEHEMOTH and IHPVA events on NBC Earth Journal – video

This is an unusual piece… showing BEHEMOTH actually on the road (rather than under development in Silicon Valley, later during speaking tours, or as historical context during the Microship epoch). I had just crossed Iowa and made my way to Milwaukee for the IHPVA (International Human-Powered Vehicle Association) races, and met the crew of this…

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Human Power - IHPVA technical journal logo

Computing Across America review – Human Power IHPVA

It was a great honor to see this review of my book by someone I’ve admired for years… David Gordon Wilson of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. He and Chester Kyle can be credited with starting the recumbent bicycle movement, and he is also the author of the brilliant Bicycling Science. by Dave Wilson…

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HPV News – Anatomy of a High-Tech Bicycle

by Steven K. RobertsHPV News — January/February, 1988 Photo above: © Thomas E. Forsyth, 1987 Is This the Ultimate Human Powered Utility Vehicle? Read about Steve Roberts and his very high-tech recumbent bicycle. His idea of daily life on a computerized two-wheel vehicle may not appeal to you, but his ideas and the pioneering work…

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