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It was a great honor to see this review of my book by someone I’ve admired for years… David Gordon Wilson of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. He and Chester Kyle can be credited with starting the recumbent bicycle movement, and he is also the author of the brilliant Bicycling Science.

by Dave Wilson
Human Power
Spring/Summer, 1988

CAA review by David Gordon Wilson in Human Power

Keen IHPVA members will have heard Steve Roberts talk about his way of life, for instance at the 1987 IHPSC symposium in Washington, DC and College Park, MD, and will have read his piece in the January/February, 1988 issue of HPV News. As he bikes around the country on his special long-wheelbase recumbent replete with several computers and a myriad of other electronic devices he gives talks to local groups, communicates through GEnie (“WORDY”) with bulletin boards and friends, and sends articles off to his publisher(s).

This 347-page book is one of the results of his travels. It could well be called “communicating across America.” He establishes a rapport with (almost) everyone he encounters. He makes friends for himself and for the human-power movement. He has an easy self-deprecating style close to poetry when he philosophizes, and always makes one want to keep on reading. He has a keen interest in the opposite sex, an interest about which he writes frankly. It has resulted in some of his recent journeys not being so lonely, we learned from his talk at the IHPSC. Despite all the technology Steve employs, he brings it in very little. This is a book celebrating humanity. I think you would enjoy it.