Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Orbiting Bulletin Boards, Networks in the Sky – InfoWorld

This is the third and final part of my little series about wireless networking in InfoWorld, and like the others (packet radio and cellular data), it fell directly out of a subject dear to my heart. I was an avid amateur radio satellite user, as well as being deeply involved in packet radio. This article…

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Packet Radio: Networks Without Wires – InfoWorld

Technology Update Variation on X.25 Communication Provides Viable Alternative to Fragile Information Links By Steven K. Roberts InfoWorld — June 26, 1989   Dataspace. For some it has become home — a not-land of beings whose locations are no more relevant than their alma maters. For others, Dataspace is a vaguely perceived substrate for electronic mail…

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On the Road with Laptops and Cellulars – InfoWorld

Steven Roberts, author of Computing Across America, has traveled across the United States on his “Winnebiko II,” a 54-speed recumbent bicycle equipped with a cellular phone, a modem, a ham radio station, a fax machine, a TV set, CD ROM navigation libraries, a satellite earth station, a 286-based computer with more than 4 megabytes of RAM,…

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Lament for the Semi-Sentient – InfoWorld

This little humorous bit of geek philosophizing fell out of my hours of staring at the front panel of my homebrew 8008 system – a central fixture in my life from 1974 onward, evolving, of course, as ever more robust machinery became available. I first published it in the April-June 1978 issue of the delightful…

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