Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Inventor Rolls Out World’s Smartest Bike – San Francisco Chronicle

This piece appeared during the final push at the Bikelab in preparation for RAGBRAI, which in retrospect was kind of a crazy idea (testing 3.5 years of work on a hugely heavy machine in the company of 10,000 cyclists cranking out hundred-mile days… what could possibly go wrong?). But public deadlines are a good thing,…

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Winnebiko III at SF Chronicle Great Outdoors Adventure Fair

I displayed the bike at a flurry of events during what has since become known as “The BEHEMOTH Epoch” – I was based in Silicon Valley for about 3 years, building the new machine, taking breaks to exhibit at trade shows, companies, and special events. This one was rather fun, sponsored by the San Francisco…

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High-Tech Nomad Builds a Bike with Bytes – SF Chronicle

This interview happened when I was visiting Dialog, a huge online database vendor that used to be a key part of my freelance business (before the bicycle expedition, I was an occasional “information broker,” doing research for clients). I spent a few months in Silicon Valley, with occasional flurries of media coverage. by Perry Lang…

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