This film, produced at the BBC by David Taylor and Famous Cycling Videos, aired sometime in early 1991… but the filming caught me in the summer of 1990, working on the bike in Soquel (near Santa Cruz) before moving over to the Bikelab in Silicon Valley. I was sharing a rental house with friends, and using my school bus as an office along with a small lab at Borland International. This phase of BEHEMOTH development included the folding console (designed by David Berkstresser), the “Brain Interface Unit,” and some circuit board packaging, but hardly any interconnects… those would come later.

It’s a sweet little piece that introduces my partner, Maggie, and shows some nice glimpses of the ancient computers of the day. The whole movie is nearly 2 hours and is interesting for cycling historians; I have set the start point of the embedded YouTube link at 1:20:08 and my bit runs until 1:23:22:

BEHEMOTH in BBC (York Films) Bicycle video

circa 1991; filmed August 11, 1990 near Santa Cruz, California
produced by David Taylor

2017 note: I see this video disappeared from YouTube. I will leave this page here, and digitize just my bit of the full piece. Sorry for the lost data… I was counting on someone else’s content to be stable.