In 1989 I was diving full time into the “Winnebiko III” project, which would soon be named BEHEMOTH. I had wrapped up 16,000 miles on the earlier versions, as well as a year of wandering the US in an old school bus to promote the Computing Across America book. At this point, I was actively gathering sponsor relationships and making occasional forays from our rented home base in Milpitas to speak at interesting companies.

This one took place at Autodesk (makers of AutoCAD) in Sausalito. On stage with me was the Winnebiko II, along with a box of books, but I was obsessed with the new BEHEMOTH project and much of the talk is about work in progress. This was digitized from a very blurry VHS tape copy, and runs an hour and 15 minutes. I tell stories from the road, take questions from the geeky audience, discuss the new bike system, and open the console for a show-and-tell. Fun bit of technomadic history… complete with a short reading from the Miles with Maggie sequel from about the time of the photo above.