This was a delightful interview, and I wish I had taken a photo of Noah sitting on BEHEMOTH, holding a tape recorder and chatting with me. I had come to Washington DC to exhibit at Interop Spring (photo with Vint Cerf), and somehow ended up visiting NPR.

Noah was so relaxed that my own nervousness melted away and it just felt like a comfortable conversation… an excellent lesson in how to conduct an interview. 

The aired on May 26, 1992 — and in 2011 I dusted off an old Radio Shack portable cassette recorder with one working channel, dubbed the segment to a Zoom H2, inhaled it into Audacity in a MacBook Air, cranked up the gain, rolled off the hiss, mapped it to a mono track, trimmed the ending, and exported this 6-minute MP3 for your listening pleasure

This is what the bike looked like at the time (photo by Bill Brown, WB8ELK)

By the way, the cassette tape of that whole show is a time capsule — especially these 12 seconds that make me want to go beat my head against a wall…