The bicycle adventures never could have happened without wonderful help from sponsors, volunteers, and media… a three-way symbiosis that I wrote about in the Reaching Escape Velocity book (where to look if you are contemplating a massively audacious project and need to figure out how to get industry support). BEHEMOTH in particular, being so technology-intensive, was built from countless goodies provided by high-tech companies, plus about three years of intensive lab work with the help of some really smart people. I’m dating this sponsor list on my birthday in 1991… just after winding down the 8-year bicycle adventure to embark on a speaking tour and quest for Microship lab space. Somehow that feels appropriate. Thanks again to all!

Acculex                    Digital Panel Meters
Adv Receiver Research      Satellite Receive Preamps for OSCAR
AEA                        Ham equipment, packet
Alpha Information Mgmt     Microfiching service & reader
AM Sensors                 Microwave Motion Sensors
AMD                        PGA Development System
Ampro                      Single-Board PC Computers
Apple Computer             Macintosh SE/30; Laptops
Astro-Med                  Strip printer
Autac                      Coil Cord For Helmet
Autodesk                   Autocad Release 10
Bell Helmets               Bicycle Helmets
Bicycle Safety             Third-Eye Helmet Mirrors
Black Mountain Access.     Compressed Air Tank
Bob Stuart                 Fairing Frame
Borland                    Software packages
BP Microsystems            EPROM Programmer
Buckmaster Publishing      Ham Call Directory On CDROM
Bullseye Cycle Corp        Bearings, Hubs, Cranksets
CadKey                     CAD software
Capilano Computing         Interactive Logic CAD For Mac
Carlson Technology         Helmet cooling tank & tubing
Centurion Surplus          Surplus Computer Equipment
Chips & Technologies       DOS System (LEAP)
Cirrus Logic               VGA Controller
Clear Channel Corp         10-Meter Multimode Rig
Complete PC                Voicemail And Fax Board
CompuServe                 Online Services during first trip
Conner Peripherals         Low-Power Hard Disk Drives
Contact Software Int'l     ACT! Software
Covox                      Speech Recognition
Createc                    Portable Oscilloscope
Cycle Ops                  Helmet Lights
DA Systems                 DASNET Gateway Services
Datalux                    Small Keyboards
Datastorm                  Procomm PLUS
Datavue                    Spark Laptop
Datum Systems Inc          Satellite modems.
DeLorme Mapping Co         State Atlases
Dialog                     Online Database Access
Dr. Deltron                Trailer Frame Painting
Equinox                    Bicycle Trailers
Etak                       Flux-Gate Compass
Faddis Engineering         Microprocessors/controls
Farallon Computing         MacRecorder, Timbuktu, PhoneNET
Fluke                      Model 87 Digital Multimeter
Franklin Frames            Recumbent Bicycle Frame
GEnie                      Online Services
Griffo Brothers            Machining Job
Halted Specialties Co.     Miscellaneous Electronic Parts
Heil Sound, Ltd.           Boom Microphone Headset
 Corvallis                 Calculators, HP95LX
 Optoelectronics           Hi-Intensity LEDs
 Sunnyvale                 Personal Computers
 Vancouver                 Deskjet Printer
Hustler - Newtronics       Vertical Antennas
Icom America               Ham Radio Equipment
IHPVA                      HPV News and Human Power
Infogrip                   Chord Keyboard
InstaPlan                  Project Management SW
Integrated Info Tech       CMOS 287 And VGA Controller
International Medcom       Radiation Detector (Radalert)
ITT/Cannon                 Connectors
J-Com                      MagicNotch Filter And Hambase
Johnson Camping            Eureka Tents; Silva Compasses
Kinco International        Cold-Weather Cycling Gloves
Larsen Electronics         Antennas
Lemo USA                   Waterproof Connectors
Life Support Systems       Helmet Cooling System
Linear Recumbents          Linear bicycle for Microship
Logitech                   Ultrasonic Headmouse
Lotus Development          Software (Express)
LRU Systems                Nodem Ethernet Adapter For Mac
Master Appliance           Ultratorch Butane Soldering Tools
Mathauser Engineering      Hydraulic Brakes
Maxim                      Linear & Switching Regulators
Maxon                      RF Data Link
Measurement Systems        Miniature Torque Joystick
Melcor                     Peltier Modules
MFJ Enterprises            Ham Station Accessories
Michelin                   Bicycle Tires
Microchip Technology       RISC Micros
Microcom                   Cellular Modem
Milan Technology           Ethernet Tap For SPARC
Mirage/KLM                 Satellite Antenna Array
Mitel Semiconductor        Crosspoint And DTMF Chips
Morning Star               PPP networking software
Motorola (Dayton)          68HC11 EVB
Motorola Radius Div        R-NET UHF Transceivers
Motorola Semiconductor     Chips
NEC                        CDROM Drive
New Micros                 FORTH 68HC11-Based Systems
Night-Sun                  Helmet Lights
Octo Company               Automatic transmission
Oki Telecom                Cellular Phone
Olander Company            Fasteners, Stainless Hardware
Opcode Systems             EZ Vision MIDI Software
OrCAD Systems              OrCAD Circuit Design Software
Outbacker Antenna          HF Vertical Antennas
PacComm                    Packet TNCs
PanaVise Products          Vise
Panduit                    Packaging Hardware
PC Globe                   PC Globe And PCUSA Databases
Peachtree Software         Accounting Software
Peet Brothers              Electronic Altimeter
Pentax Teknologies         Page Scanner
Personal Bibliographic     Online Front-End
Personal Data Systems      Speech Synthesizer (Audapter)
Phil Wood                  Rear Hub
Plantronics                Headset Parts
Portal Communications      Network Services
Power Trends               Switching Regulators
PowerFood                  Power Bars
Precision Circuit          General Electronics Wizardry
Product R&D                DC-DC Converters
Productivity Software      PRD+ Software
Quadram                    Fax Board
Qualcomm                   Satellite Communication System
Quickie Designs            Landing Gear Wheels
RDI                        SPARC LCD driver & supply
Reference Software         Grammatik & Reference File
Reflection Technology      Heads-Up Display
REI                        Camping Gear
Resonant Power Tech        Switching Power Supply
Robinson-Nugent            Prototyping Hardware
Rock Lobster               Trailer Frame Fabrication
Ryan Recumbents            Maggie's Recumbent Bicycle
SAFT America               Batteries
SCI                        Solar Charge Controller
Semifusion                 Variable-Reluctance Motor
Setcom                     Communications Headset
Sharp Electronics          LCD Panels
Software Ventures          MicroPhone Software
Solarex                    72 watt photovoltaic array
Sonnenschein Batteries     Rechargeable Batteries
Southco                    Fasteners
SPC Corporation            Software (PFS Series)
SRAM Corporation           Grip Shift
Statpower                  115V Inverter
Sun Circuits               Crosspoint PC fabrication
Sun Microsystems           Lab space, SPARCs, Help
Sunburst Light Corp        Helmet Light
Tadpole Technology         SPARCbook laptop
Tap Plastics               Fiberglass Materials
Techne                     UNGO Box Security System
Telebit                    CellBlazer and QBlazer
Telular                    Celjack
Toshiba                    Laptop Computers
Touchbase Systems          Worldport Modem/fax Unit
Traveling Software         Various Software Products
Trimble Navigation         GPS Navigation System
Ultra Light Sports         Mini Bicycle Jewelry
Univenture                 CD View-Paks
Votrax                     Speech Synthesizer
Xircom                     Pocket Ethernet Adapter
Yaesu                      Ham Radio Equipment
Zzip Designs               Lexan Fairings