Here is a 4-minute look at the 1962 EUROPLASTIQUE expo in Paris. I was 9 years old at the time… and my father went to Europe on behalf of General Electric, where he was a refrigerator design engineer at Appliance Park in Louisville. He was a lifelong member of the Society of Plastics Engineers… and even designed the SPE lapel pin. The plastics industry was new and exciting, and I am delighted that he took his 8mm movie camera to get some retro trade-show footage before taking off to play European tourist for a couple of weeks. (This was scanned and uploaded by Harbor Digitizing, my little film archiving business.)

I find this culturally fascinating, because all through my weird career I participated in dozens of trade shows with huge crowds, flashing lights, booth attractions, and an overall buzz of excitement… not just in the computer¬†industry. This film from 1962 seems sedate and formal… it is amusing to think that this is just before that famous bit of career advice from The Graduate… “Plastics!”