Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Geeky Dorm Room at Mountain Home AFB in 1972

Looking at these ancient photos now, I can see why I often got “written up” after room inspections. My bed, not shown here, was a crawl-in cave behind the workbench, and I had a cat living with me. The tall equipment rack was a homebrew HF transmitter with a pair of Eimac 100TH tubes in push-pull, and you can see my beloved Hammarlund SP-600 shortwave receiver to the right… along with Tektronix 531 scope, other test equipment, reel-to-reel tape deck, my shiny new $395 HP-35 calculator, and a typewriter that caused way more trouble than all the rest put together. There is also a homemade light table for doing Bishop Graphics printed circuit board artwork… I was designing a “scan synthesizer” to generate arbitrary waveforms, along with other projects. The tool board kept bench clutter under control, and over on the far wall in front of the small-parts cabinets are a Spectra-Physics 155 HeNe laser and a Hagstrom electric guitar.

My dorm room tool board in July, 1972 – note 8mm movie editor and manual typewriter superseded in the B&W photo below.

Good times, sorta… I was 19, full of crazy ambitions, and not exactly fitting in as an enlisted airman (my job was flight-line maintenance on F-111 avionics systems, then later test equipment repair in the Precision Measurement Equipment Lab). I was always getting nastygrams to clean up this mess, for some reason.

Here was the bench in July, 1972 – the black-and-white photos are from a few months later:

The posting date is approximate, but this was late 1972. Click the photo below to embiggen and poke around…

A year earlier, in late 1971, I was at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, going to tech school, about 7 months between Basic and my posting in Idaho pictured above. The photo below was my dorm room there, again featuring the wonderful Hammarlund SP-600 that I still miss nearly a half-century later:

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  1. Peggy on March 14, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    What mess?
    Looks mighty tidy to me.