Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Computer vessel seeks a port – Corvallis

by Keith Manring Corvallis Gazette-Times — August 5, 1995 Part spaceship, part sail boat, the self-sustaining 30-foot trimaran of Steve Roberts’ dreams is looking for a home at Oregon State University. Solar-powered. Internet link via satellite. Hydroponic garden. Computerized maintenance and security systems. Electronic backpacks to control the craft by remote through a Macintosh laptop. But…

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High-tech Bike Turns Heads – Blacktop Publishing – Corvallis Gazette-Times

One of my favorite sponsors during the whole bike epoch was Hewlett-Packard… beginning with the exquisite Portable and Portable PLUS computers during the Winnebiko and Winnebiko II adventures, then continuing with calculators, high-brightness LEDs, and test equipment in later years. Corvallis was thus always one of my favorite places to visit, and not just because…

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Have bicycle, will publish – Corvallis Gazette-Times

Story by Steve Jones Photos by Bob Lynn Corvallis Gazette-Times — November 4, 1986 Steve Roberts is a high-tech nomad. After a profitable but frustrating foray into electrical engineering, Roberts discovered he was working harder and harder and enjoying it less and less. Determined not to let the business run him, Roberts quit and started…

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