Freelancing alone in my Dublin house was becoming overwhelming, with debt, overload, frustration, and a sense of dread. I was desperate to find a solution, but the real one did not occur to me until a month and a half later, when a bike ride changed everything. I often speak of my time in Columbus as inspiring long-distance travel… and how I combined my passions into a lifestyle… but that is way too glib. The actual transition was abrupt and insane. This document is a rare snapshot of my life just before it was redefined by a computerized bicycle.  

Words’worth, a Dublin-based writing, consulting, and research firm (consisting of one overworked person), is actively seeking a very special individual to assist with all business activities…

  • Are you intelligent and flexible?
  • Do you have general business experience and well-developed office-management skills?
  • Are you adept enough with the English language that you can edit and proofread article and book manuscripts?
  • Have you used a word processor? Can you type?
  • Do you, perchance, have experience in online information retrieval? (A plus, but not necessary)
  • Can you handle bookkeeping, time management, business correspondence, billings, unexpected crises, creditors, slow-pay customers, travel arrangements, filing, and anything not covered by the above?
  • Are you quick-witted, neat, and obsessed with quality?
  • Do your interests include print media, science and technology, constantly-changing business activity, and any new challenge?
  • Are you available now for full-time employment, and are you flexible enough to work for a healthy percentage of my gross income rather than a fixed wage?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to most of these questions, then we definitely need to talk — soon. I’m overloaded already and, even as you read this, am madly negotiating new contracts and getting ever further behind. My work includes books (3 so far), magazine articles, consulting, coordination of other freelancers, online research, travel, speaking engagements, and system design… I can no longer do it all alone. Those days are over.

Help! ! !