Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Front Panel Retrospective

Note: There is a page on this site with the complete schematics and other details of my 8008 system from 1974. This one is merely a musing from a night in the harbor back in 2009. It’s freezing in the harbor, and I’m on one of my too-infrequent work trips… mapping my normal project-management context-switching…

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Intertwined Fronts, Stereo, and the Microship

Cold, dark winter days are demotivating and I didn’t get it together to go see how the boat handles a foot of snow loading, but I am happy to report progress on three simultaneous fronts: the ship’s Shacktopus network, the Boat Hacking book, and an online store to conjure a nickel generator from the first…

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BEHEMOTH – Computer History Museum

The long-term home for the bike, after 17,000 miles of adventure and hundreds of stage appearances in the years that followed, is the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. I love this place, and it’s truly worth a visit for lots of reasons besides BEHEMOTH… they have astounding treasures from all branches of the computer…

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Technomadness and the Internet, page 1

Technomadness and the Internet – Internet World

I am very fond of this article, which was written during the heady days of the Internet’s “takeover” from the mess of competing centralized services. Inspired by my own experiences with technomadics, it seems to anticipate the emergence of online-centered lifestyles… with physical location less and less relevant. The editor of this magazine was Daniel…

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On the Road Again

The BEHEMOTH project spanned 3.5 years, about two of which were in prime facilities donated by Sun Microsystems. During that time I lived in Building 4, immersed full-time in the project… aided by an astounding volunteer crew of engineers and fellow geeks from all over Silicon Valley. The relationship with my host company was interesting;…

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Rebel on a Roll article

Rebel on a Roll – People

There was quite a flurry of media coverage about BEHEMOTH in 1992. This short piece sounds like the name of a sandwich and is very lightweight, but I was delighted to have my one appearance in People be in the special issue about Johnny Carson: People Magazine May 25, 1992 — Reno, Nevada Photograph by…

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Bike numbered sections

Life on a Megacycle – QST

This article was written by Kirk Kleinschmidt, NT0Z (long-time amateur-radio columnist and author of Stealth Amateur Radio). He met me on the road in Iowa, and wrote this decidedly atypical piece for the ARRL flagship journal… opening doors for the next two decades as I meet people on the air, mention my history, and hear: …

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Machine Cycle – Ask Mr. Protocol Column – SunExpert

I simply love this article. The author’s combination of deep technical perspective and delightfully quirky sense of humor makes an ideal combination for discussing computerized bicycles in the pages of an information-dense industry trade journal. I’ve always looked at this as one of the BEHEMOTH’s journalistic highlights. A little more context on the Grey Poupon…

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BEHEMOTH near Sun Microsystems in Mountain View

Anatomy of a Unixcycle – SunWorld

An inevitable side-effect of having the Bikelab at Sun Microsystems was my exposure to a whole new computing culture… I was a Unix and SPARC noob when I landed there, and the learning curves were steep and plentiful. This article, which also kicked off an ongoing series in SunWorld Japan, reflected some of the ways…

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Bikelab Report #15 – The Mother of All Layovers

by Steven K. Roberts Nomadic Research Labs IN THIS ISSUE: High-tech Nomadness Returns! The Mother of All Layovers The Mothership BEHEMOTH Technical Update    CELLULAR PHONE     HAM STATION     PNEUMATICS     FORTH DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM and MAC STATUS     UNIXCYCLE     HP-95LX PALMTOP “I’d rather be lucky than talented. Luck doesn’t take any work.”…

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