Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Computing Across America book review – A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing

I find this review most gratifying, and not only because the reviewer enjoyed my book. Michael A. Banks is a writer I’ve known and respected forĀ  years, and his Modem Reference was one of the most-thumbed technical books on my shelf… back before USB <creak>. He was a prolific columnist in the early days of…

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Computing Across America book review – Computer Shopper

The first 10,000 miles of my adventure yielded the Computing Across America book, which I am about to re-issue for the Kindle (now that I have this nifty scanner that is creating all these Anarchive entries!). This is one of my favorite reviews… Book Review by Michael A. Banks Computer Shopper – September, 1988 Computing…

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Reflections on a Sax

This is a short excerpt from a chapter in Computing Across America called “A Nomad on Sabbatical.” My Louisiana trek had brought me to Hammond, and I immediately met some interesting folks and settled in for a while… a much-needed layover to rest, write, and frolic with friends. New Orleans was just down the road,…

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Computing Across America Audiobook, chapter 1: The Idea is Born

by Steven K. Roberts Computing Across America is the story of my technomadic adventures around the US, beginning in 1983 with the Winnebiko, continuing through the next 7 years with the Winnebiko II and BEHEMOTH… a total of 17,000 miles on the road as well as some epic geek layovers to upgrade the technology. An…

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