Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Artspeak: A Linguistic Showcase

by Steven K. Roberts My dear friend Rebecca moved to Missouri in 2015, and in addition to her many family activities and house-renovation projects, she is exploring a new artistic realm. When she posted the image below of her pressure-washer work in the porch-mildew medium, I was inspired to write a bit of Artspeak to help solidify this emerging genre.…

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Preparing for My Final Voyage

The Nomadness Emulation & Telepresence System April 1, 2012 I want to tell you about the skunkworks project that is underway here at Nomadic Research Labs, shepherded by a hand-picked team of engineers. We ran an extrapolation of my progress on nautical technomadic projects, including Microship. In 20 years, a staggering amount of human time…

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Microship Megabucks

by Steven K. Roberts Nomadic Research Labs Santa Clara, California — April 1, 1996 (Issue #101 of the Microship Status Reports) Lots of developments since our last update! The recent infusion of investment capital from the venture partners has made a spectacular difference in our productivity here at Nomadic Research Institute, and we’ve just rented the…

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The Launch Meeting

This erotic tale of publishing jargon was the product of a giggly afternoon in 1981, inspired by editorial flirtation while I was writing my Industrial Design with Microcomputers textbook (Prentice-Hall, 1982, ISBN 0-13-459461-4). In that pre-Internet age, this had a brief life as one of those nth-generation photocopies that got passed around with furtive snickers… but I never posted it…

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Lament for the Semi-Sentient – InfoWorld

This little humorous bit of geek philosophizing fell out of my hours of staring at the front panel of my homebrew 8008 system – a central fixture in my life from 1974 onward, evolving, of course, as ever more robust machinery became available. I first published it in the April-June 1978 issue of the delightful…

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