Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Islands Are More Fragile – Stanwood Camano News

This is a bit of a departure from the main content thread on this site, but is included in the interest of completeness. When I bought a house and built a lab in the woods of Camano Island, I unintentionally took on a very protective attitude toward that beautiful and fragile place… a slender slice…

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World’s First Microship Sails into Saratoga Passage

This was my small-town local paper for the 13 years I lived on Camano Island… a time that was actually a decade longer than intended (life has a way of doing that to you, especially when projects become too complex). At the time of this story, we had only been on the island for a…

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Aesthetics versus tree economics

During my 13 years living in the woods of Camano Island, Washington (house shown above), I became very protective of our forests and other natural resources… and found myself butting heads occasionally with developers and “cash for timber” logging businesses. Much of this was casual participation in the local environmental group (CARE – Camano Action…

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Technomads – Stanwood Camano News

In early 1998, I bought a house with six wooded acres on Camano Island, Washington… ready to have my own workspace after many years moving in and out of borrowed labs (Apple, UCSD, Sun Microsystems, Borland International, friend’s houses…). Almost immediately, my partner and I began putting up a 3000 square foot pole building in…

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