Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Winnebiko II on CNN Science and Technology Report, July 1988

This CNN piece is from a time when I had wrapped up the Winnebiko II adventure, and was embarking on a random speaking tour via a converted school bus. The Computing Across America book was finally published, and I was starting to think about the third bike version (the one that would come to be…

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On the Road and On the Air – 73 Amateur Radio

As ham radio became an ever-greater part of my technomadics, I started writing for 73 and other publications. This cover story was a fun one, and the photo was taken by Karen Greene on Sullivan’s Island off the coast of South Carolina. I’m hunkered down with my HP Portable PLUS laptop and the much-loved Ten-Tec…

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1988 Bicycling Magazine calendar cover

Winnebiko II in Bicycling Magazine 1988 Calendar

This photo was taken by Janis Miglavs for the Star tabloid in 1986, and was my first appearance as a “calendar boy” during the bike epoch. (The second, a decade later, was in the 1998 calendar produced by CQ Amateur Radio magazine.) I love this photo, which I think was in an Oregon coastal town…

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Cyclist Magazine cover, August 1987

A Life on the Road – Cyclist

A visceral, intense day of bicycle touring… this was first written on November 29, 1986 as Chapter 14 of my Miles with Maggie series. by Steven K. Roberts Cyclist Magazine – February, 1987 Do you ever read published tales of long-distance touring and wonder what it really feels like to be out there, exposed to…

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Winnebiko II Console Operation

An ancient green binder has followed me around from lab to lab through the decades, and it contains all the hand-drawn schematics, software, design sketches, and operating procedures for the Winnebiko II system. This machine rolled out of the lab in 1986, and kept me amused until 1988 when rapidly advancing technology seduced me into…

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Anatomy of the Winnebiko II

This article was long-buried in an obscure corner of my ancient website, and is a good tech overview of the second bike version. The Winnebiko II flickered to life in 1986, was exhibited (incomplete) at Expo 86 in Vancouver, spent a month or two of intense hackage in a Bainbridge Island lab, then covered 6,000…

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Star logo

Super Bike Has All the Options – Star

This is one of my rare appearances in the tabloids. At least they didn’t take the story into the normal domain of such rags; it’s generally pretty accurate except for the strange assertion that I built a computer at the age of 13. I love the photo, though… that was taken during the Winnebiko II…

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Winnebiko II Console Fabrication

I’ve always been something of a control-panel geek, and once I had committed to building the Winnebiko II and heading out again, the project became focused on console design. If I had learned anything from that first 10,000 miles, it was that the key to this whole adventure would be full access to all on-board…

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