Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Book reviews

Bicycling Through Time into the Future

Book Review by Doug Mink The Boston Cyclist July-August, 1988 Computing Across America: The Bicycle Odyssey of a High-Tech Nomad by Steven K. Roberts. 1988. 347 pages, paperbound, $9.95. Who among us hasn’t at some time wanted to pack up his or her bike (or car) and head out to live an interesting life on the road,…

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Computing Across America review – Earth Island Journal

by G. Smith Earth Island Journal — Summer, 1988 In 1983 Steven Roberts sold his house and spent the money on a bike. For the next three grueling years Roberts pedaled from one side of the country to the other, starting from his hometown in Columbus, Ohio, and winding up — 19 states and 10,000 miles…

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Computing Across America book review – The New Voice

This review had a most interesting effect… it brought my mother around, though somewhat grudgingly, to loving my book. When she first read it, she was aghast at the undeniable evidence that her little boy could be a naughty and occasionally vulgar risk-taker, doing things that one speaks of only in whispers, and sleeping in…

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Human Power - IHPVA technical journal logo

Computing Across America review – Human Power IHPVA

It was a great honor to see this review of my book by someone I’ve admired for years… David Gordon Wilson of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. He and Chester Kyle can be credited with starting the recumbent bicycle movement, and he is also the author of the brilliant Bicycling Science. by Dave Wilson…

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The Complete Guide to Microsystem Management – Review

I published this book just before hitting the RESET button on the back of my head and taking off around the US on an open-ended technomadic bicycle adventure. It spun out of an article I wrote for Kilobaud called “Managing the Small System Environment,” discussing such things as related filing systems, backups, and other suggestions…

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Creative Design with Microcomputers – Today Review

This was my magnum opus from the pre-technomadic epoch… a wide-ranging textbook about industrial control system design. Foolishly, I originally named it Industrial Design with Microcomputers, not knowing there was an entire unrelated field called “Industrial Design”; this later softcover edition came with a title change that still didn’t quite capture the content, but was…

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Industrial Design with Microcomputers book

These are just a couple of minor bits, mostly here as historical date stamps since things weren’t obsessively blogged back in the early ’80s. Shortly before I took off on the bicycle adventure, I spent most of a year writing a Prentice-Hall textbook on microprocessor system design for industrial control applications. Having no idea there…

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Industrial Design with Microcomputers – book review

My most ambitious book project of the pre-biking years was a textbook on industrial microprocessor engineering, published by Prentice-Hall… first as a hardcover (Industrial Design with Microcomputers) and then as a softcover edition (Creative Design with Microcomputers). It enjoyed a sort of cult-like status in some circles, as it was by no means a normal…

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Assembly Engineering Review – Industrial Design with Microcomputers

Long out of print, this book was my first serious large-scale work… a full-size textbook published by Prentice-Hall, focused on industrial control system engineering. It encapsulated much of my twenties (back in the 1970s), when I was doing embedded factory automation and control systems on a consulting basis. It is not a normal textbook, and…

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New Book Highlights Cromemco

Industrial Design with Microcomputers by Steven K. Roberts (Prentice-Hall, 1982), is a book designed to familiarize engineering managers with some of the .aprons of computer aided design (CAD). It offers examples of micros in industrial applications, and utilizes Cromemco systems — both hardware and software — throughout as the primary source from which data and…

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