Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Nomadness blog

Friday Harbor – the new home port of Nomadness

I’ve been quiet in this blog lately, not wanting to write a series of posts about the numbingly boring topic of moving, but now it is essentially done but for one final trailer load to bring the Microship from Camano Island. I am no longer based in La Conner, where a long shoaling channel with…

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Preparing for My Final Voyage

The Nomadness Emulation & Telepresence System April 1, 2012 I want to tell you about the skunkworks project that is underway here at Nomadic Research Labs, shepherded by a hand-picked team of engineers. We ran an extrapolation of my progress on nautical technomadic projects, including Microship. In 20 years, a staggering amount of human time…

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A Single System Perspective

In an early issue of the Nomadness Report,¬†I found myself discussing the mental model necessary to take on something so insanely complex as a homebrew starship of sorts. Companies handle this sort of thing by creating a hierarchy of departments and design groups, but I’m working more or less alone on this tour de force…

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Settling into the New Nomadness Lab

I suppose it is ironic for a paleo-technomad to look at something as mundane as moving and note that it’s personally epic. But epic it is, after 13 years in a place that was created for the high-energy Microship project… fabulous facilities that were perfect at time but are now too far from my nautical…

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The move to La Conner is now about half-complete, with the Camano house empty and the lab still cluttered. New facilities are online and working well, and when the relocation is complete I’ll give you a proper walkthrough. Already I’m noticing that there are no more excuses… lab, shop, office, home base, and all the…

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Nickel Generators

Photo above –¬†Winnebiko II circa 1988, photo by Dan Burden In 1983, I abandoned all pretense of responsibility and hit the road on a bicycle. This was deeply alarming to my parents, since I was now 30 and a suburban homeowner; even though I was barely scraping by as a freelance writer, at least it…

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New Places, Products, Publications, Partners, & Pussycats

It’s astounding how much can change between one blog post and the next. The more time passes, the more I find myself in that catch-up mode that tempts me to blast through a huge range of subjects, addressing none of them well. Topics like relationship change, for example, can keep a blogger procrastinating for months.…

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Nomadling reflected

Paperless Voyaging

It’s not easy to move aboard after over a decade in a familiar home and cluttered lab. Not only are there changes of expectation about what constitutes “comfort,” but everything important to daily life must somehow be incorporated into a space that is, in my case, less than 5% of the square footage that I…

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Nomadness from Olympia to Everett – Photos

After landing in Olympia and doing an extensive haulout, Sky and I parked both Nomadness and Dervish at West Bay Marina… having a go at exploring home-base alternatives and otherwise trying to decide what next. I had tired of Oak Harbor, logistics of living on Camano Island weren’t making sense, and the correct formula had…

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Mobile Lab, Biz, and Bottom Jobs

Since the last post was nearly 6 months ago, it would hardly do for me to just expound in detail on recent activity without first restoring context. I’ve been microblogging on Facebook, which has scratched the itch at this end, but that platform is useless when it comes to leaving a meaningful public archive. So…

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