It is a treat, here in late 2021, to see this article make a splash on that newfangled “social media.” How far we’ve come in a third of a century… with the essential tools to enable a truly mobile lifestyle now in every pocket and backpack.

When I took off on a “computerized recumbent bicycle” back in 1983, I called myself a high-tech nomad (technomad for short), covering 17,000 miles on three successively more elaborate versions of the bike while rhapsodizing about the cultural implications. We really have broken the chains that once bound us to our desks, and a BEHEMOTH of today would certainly not be a behemoth!

When the growing community of “technomads” became a listserve back in the embryonic Internet of the early ’90s, we would often indulge in long discussion threads that examined just what that meant… splintered by countless variations of personal branding and subculture, with members ranging from seasoned full-time travelers to those who had chosen to eschew the traditional trappings of a desk-bound professional life. It took countless forms, but decades later, the digital nomad term has survived as the over-arching label for those who use technology to render their physical location irrelevant… and I am honored to be part of its history.

Enough maudlin rambling…. click the screen capture below to read the full article by Baley Berg at Fast Company