Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Articles by SKR

Technomadness and the Internet, page 1

Technomadness and the Internet – Internet World

I am very fond of this article, which was written during the heady days of the Internet’s “takeover” from the mess of competing centralized services. Inspired by my own experiences with technomadics, it seems to anticipate the emergence of online-centered lifestyles… with physical location less and less relevant. The editor of this magazine was Daniel…

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BEHEMOTH near Sun Microsystems in Mountain View

Anatomy of a Unixcycle – SunWorld

An inevitable side-effect of having the Bikelab at Sun Microsystems was my exposure to a whole new computing culture… I was a Unix and SPARC noob when I landed there, and the learning curves were steep and plentiful. This article, which also kicked off an ongoing series in SunWorld Japan, reflected some of the ways…

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On the Loose in Dataspace

This article is a bit of a treasure in the timeline of BEHEMOTH. Published in the premier issue of Marlow RFD (subtitled “Motherboards and Apple Pie”), this was a 2-page spread that captured the insane, driven passion behind the extravaganza of geek obsession that was this final version of the bike. For three years I…

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A Matter of Perspective – South Bay Naturist News

During my extended layover in Santa Cruz and Soquel, working on the third bike version (eventually named BEHEMOTH), I spent a lot of time relaxing on the spectacular beaches in the region… textile and otherwise. Somewhere in there I made friends with some folks at Lupin Lodge, and enjoyed a few visits in exchange for…

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The Icom IC-725 – 73 Review

by Steven K. Roberts N4RVE73 Magazine — February, 1990 This is not a normal equipment review. There are no lab test results and no objective comparisons between this unit and anything else on the market. My new ICOM 725 did not arrive with a 73 product-review assignment attached, nor have I really given the issue much…

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Orbiting Bulletin Boards, Networks in the Sky – InfoWorld

This is the third and final part of my little series about wireless networking in InfoWorld, and like the others (packet radio and cellular data), it fell directly out of a subject dear to my heart. I was an avid amateur radio satellite user, as well as being deeply involved in packet radio. This article…

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The Spectrum Probe

by Steven K. Roberts N4RVE 73 Magazine — January, 1990 Inexpensive and portable spectrum analyzer. There’s nothing quite like the frequency domain for revealing what’s going on in a system. Down in the slow-moving mechanical world, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analyzers are used to determine the resonance characteristics of structures and to help predict failures. In…

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The Portal System – 73

Back in the late 1980s, the amateur radio packet community was well established, though the tools were “thin” in the sense of being slow, difficult for newbies, and not exactly useful as a deep archive. This was an era when competing online services were flourishing (like CompuServe and GEnie), and each had forums or roundtables…

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Instant Track – 73 Review

In 1989, I was passionately in love with the OSCAR 13 satellite, as well as laying the groundwork  for use of the Microsats from the new version of the bicycle. My KLM crossed-yagi antenna array had to be aimed at the right spot in the sky to work the birds, and I used what was…

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Packet Radio and High-Tech Nomadics

These magazine articles from the early phase of BEHEMOTH development are kind of a treasure… I had not yet started posting the details to a mailing list, and there aren’t many documents that go into detail about the system design. My series in 73 Magazine was very liberal, editorially… so I was free to ramble…

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