Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Microship Status Reports

The Fulmar Adventure

There was an interlude in the Microship project that I remember fondly… a brief foray into an off-the-shelf boat, simple systems, and emphasis on adventure over geekery. After a year or more of over-engineering, I bought a Fulmar-19 to fast-track our way to the planned expedition, and this is the rollicking story of the maiden…

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First Pass – Microship Rev 1.0

(Originally published as Microship Status Report #76 on August 9, 1994) I suppose I should just build a macro for an opening paragraph that apologizes for infrequent updates, and automatically insert it along with the title block on every status report. I’ve been busy, and a lot is happening. I need an archivist to do…

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Fulmar 19 in UCSD Microship lab

Fulmar X-19 Delivery

Nomadness Report, Issue #25 by Steven K. Roberts — July 16, 1994 San Diego, California “Water corrodes; salt water corrodes absolutely.” — James R Louttit, The New Skipper’s Bowditch Hi. Remember me? It’s been almost 8 months since a Nomadness Report. While some might construe this as a lack of activity, it’s anything but: since the…

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The Fulmar on Order

I spent this past weekend in Seattle, sailing a couple of Fulmar-19s around Puget Sound (about 25 miles on Sunday, ranging from reaching at 11+ knots to pedaling about 4 miles in dead calm), starting at Shilshole Marina and making two trips to Bainbridge Island. To cut to the chase, I wrote a check to…

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Choosing the Fulmar

Microship Status Report #74 by Steven K. Roberts San Diego, California — April 29, 1994 As the time between updates increases, the amount of catch-up obviously increases, complicating the task of doing an update and inducing further procrastination. Clearly, the obvious solution is continuous, real-time broadcast of every moment of my life, thus eliminating the troublesome…

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Microship settles into UCSD

The Nomadness Notes #24 by Steven K. Roberts — San Diego, CA November 24, 1993 (Nomadness trivia: Hey, issue #24 is actually Chapter #127 if you count the Computing Across America and Miles With Maggie series. Sounds like I’ve been busier that way… actually averages one a month since I started in ’83!) In This Issue: Skankin’ Pickle…

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The Boatlab Materializes – Intro to Microship Project

by Steven K. Roberts — San Diego, California June 7, 1993 The Boatlab Materializes! Well, I have good news! It has been one year since I posted “LEVIATHAN: Call for Discussion” to the Technomads alias and started tossing around ideas for this new project. A few months later, I began the quest for a host lab,…

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