Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE


On the Virtual Road – Internet Underground

I love this article. The author does a wonderful job of introducing the pioneers of net-connected travel, each breaking new ground in different ways.  Re-reading this 16 years after it was published, I want to throw a party for my fellow paleo-technomads… it’s been a long road, even wilder than any of us imagined! I…

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BEHEMOTH on Hoe is het Mogelijk – Dutch television

I do not speak Dutch, so this was an easy interview! All I had to do was sit there, and occasionally demonstrate something… this took place near Orlando during one of my speaking tours, and then aired in the Netherlands in April. Hoe is het Mogelijk – BEHEMOTH Fiets “How is it Possible?” BEHEMOTH on…

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BEHEMOTH on It’ll Never Work – BBC Children’s science programme

This cute video is a little feature on my BEHEMOTH bicycle during the time I was at UCSD (San Diego) beginning the Microship project. It’ll Never Work was a BBC children’s program showcasing new inventions in science and technology, and it ran seven seasons (1993-1999). This is from Program 6 of Series 2 (1994), and…

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Big Byte – Technomad and the Internet – Australian video

This is one of my favorite videos from my 30 years of building technomadic machines… it came at a heady, exciting moment when the new “world wide web” was hitting public consciousness. I had a lab at UCSD at the time, working with teams of engineering students on the Microship system, and this delightful Australian…

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BEHEMOTH in Wireless Industry Prospectus – 1993

I did this as an email interview at the beginning of April 1993, and it focuses on the wireless data issues related to the BEHEMOTH bicycle, the upcoming Microship project, and the future of nomadic connectivity. Unlike most of the articles in this archive, I’m not including page images… the type layout was simple double-spaced…

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Cycling into the space age

Cycling into the Space Age – Australian Women’s Weekly

This is a much-loved publication Down Under, and this somewhat amusing story was clearly written by an enthusiastic reporter… a few things were lost in translation (like my email address). But I love the imagery of the “invisible envelope of dataspace which surrounds Steve and his bike.” Australian Women’s Weekly – April, 1993 Steve Roberts…

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All the comforts of home – Stars and Stripes

This short photo/caption piece in Stars and Stripes, the news service of the US Military, appeared shortly after my speaking gig at the Mobile World conference and expo in Boston (Hynes Auditorium) in early March of 1993.  Steven Roberts sits on his custom-made, 105-speed, computerized bicycle at the Mobile World Exhibition in Boston on Wednesday.…

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Cyclist enjoys high-tech mobility – Boston Herald

During the extended 1991-93 speaking tour, I trundled into Boston to do the Mobile World Expo… I recall a rush-hour plunge into traffic with my mobile lab in tow, parking challenges in the city, and a few brushes with union trade-show workers who didn’t want me rolling my own exhibit around… but it was otherwise…

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