Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Media – Microship

Technomads – Stanwood Camano News

In early 1998, I bought a house with six wooded acres on Camano Island, Washington… ready to have my own workspace after many years moving in and out of borrowed labs (Apple, UCSD, Sun Microsystems, Borland International, friend’s houses…). Almost immediately, my partner and I began putting up a 3000 square foot pole building in…

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Technomad Dream

This article was written a few months after the move from the Silicon Valley lab sponsored by Apple. In March of 1998 Lisa and I had landed in the house on Camano Island, and immediately put up a 3,000 square-foot pole building in the 6-acre forest (with a contractor erecting the physical structure). It was…

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Microship project on KRON New Media News – video

This beautiful piece by Stan Bunger was filmed in Silicon Valley in late 1997, and aired shortly after we moved north to build a lab in the woods of Camano Island. Unlike typical local TV news programs, he took the time to explore the technical aspects of the project, yet framed it with the real…

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Ship of Dreams: New Adventures of a Technomad – CQ VHF

There was a point in the 10-year Microship project that I think of as the peak of system design, and only two articles really capture it… the one below, and another in the venerable Dr. Dobbs Journal. I wrote both during a 2-month layover in a rented house in Bellingham where we stayed after first…

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San Jose magazine cover, Jan 1998

Technomad – San Jose Magazine

The convoluted trail that led from biking to sailing involved a variety of nautical substrates, lab spaces, partners, and projected itineraries. This article is a glimpse of the beginning of the micro-trimaran project that began during the end of my 2-year stint in a building sponsored by Apple and continued until sometime in 2003. The…

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BEHEMOTH and Microship on Computer Chronicles – video

This was filmed during a rather depressing part of the project… I was in a big windowless building in Silicon Valley, my relationship of 2.5 years was ending, and the intended nautical substrate was proving to be just too much to deal with. Computer Chronicles came by on December 18, 1996, and captured a snapshot…

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Technomad – San Jose Mercury News West magazine

This is one of very few published photos of Hogfish, the 30-foot folding trimaran that was built before the Corsair F-27 by John Walton (yes, THAT John Walton) and Mike Michie. I bought it for a song in Los Angeles, trailered it to my Apple-sponsored lab in Silicon Valley, and built the Microship project around…

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Microship Sets Sail – VARBusiness

This was a tidy little snippet in the “Closers” section at the end of this trade journal aimed at value-added resellers and solution providers. This page was for fun items, and included speculation about Apple’s chances, as well as some witticisms from Larry Ellison regarding Internet terminals vs PCs (“At my home we have a…

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Microship Project on Cyberlife – Discovery Channel, 1996

This piece was filmed about halfway through my first year in the Silicon Valley Microship lab sponsored by Apple, and I was working with my partner of the epoch, Faun Skyles. The project substrate was a 30-foot folding trimaran that we picked up in Southern California after fiddling for a couple of years with kayak-based…

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