Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE


Nolan Bushnell with VPL EyePhone and Larry Wall – 1988

photos by Steven K. Roberts at Camp Swig above Saratoga, California – October 29, 1988 I have just donated the originals of these two photos to the Computer History Museum, but also wanted to place them in my timeline here… a moment at a conference of übergeeks. This is Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) playing with…

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Winnebiko II Console Fabrication

I’ve always been something of a control-panel geek, and once I had committed to building the Winnebiko II and heading out again, the project became focused on console design. If I had learned anything from that first 10,000 miles, it was that the key to this whole adventure would be full access to all on-board…

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Erotic Landscape

I was struck by the obvious affinity of these two photos from my 1984-5 travels, and they have always been together in the album. The top one is Gaviota State Beach, about 35 miles west of Santa Barbara, California. The stone columns are in Arches National Park, an astounding place in eastern Utah and the…

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1981 Photos of Steven K Roberts and Cromemco Z-2D

These three contact sheets were tucked into an old binder, and under the microscope I could see that the calendar on the wall was April, with the first on a Wednesday. That happened in 1981, which makes sense – my first book (Micromatics) was released in late 1980, and I can see the fat but…

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Havana Scenes from 1940 – Liner America

My father, Edward Roberts, was aboard the maiden voyage of the liner America, which left New York on August 10, 1940. I have some movies he took of life aboard as well as the shore visits, and will get them converted and uploaded soon… but in the meantime, here are a couple of images to…

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Swarthmore High School Senior Play – 1931

Pomander Walk — February 27, 1931 This gorgeous photo is from Swarthmore High School… and I was fortunate enough to find the program as well in my father’s old papers (he was one of the stage managers). The photographer was Lewis Studios, and the 7×16-inch photo is remarkably well-preserved. I have scanned it and placed…

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Hall Family Photos, Matlack and Biddle Street, West Chester PA

Circa 1890… some Roberts family history I have never understood my own genealogy very well, yet I am the last of a line on my father’s side, in possession of precious photos and papers relating the history of this distinguished Quaker family from West Chester, Pennsylvania. I’ll gradually post a few things here, just to…

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