Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Media – Winnebiko

California Bicyclist Sept 84 cover

High-Tech Nomad Heads for Northern California – California Bicyclist

This came out while I was still in Colorado, pressing my luck with the looming onset of winter (the aspens were turning while I was relaxing in Telluride, and I got snowed-in for a few days). California seemed impossibly far away, but this article gave me a sense of welcome as invitations started trickling in…

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Freedom Road – Family Computing

The author of this story, Carole Gerber, also wrote the first article about my adventures… breaking the story in an Online Today piece called “Computing Across America.” A few thousand miles down the road, she got in touch again via CompuServe. Family Computing evolved over the years from this platform-agnostic publication featuring games and learning,…

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Winnebiko on CBS Morning News – Wanderlust

This was the first national TV coverage of my Computing Across America adventure, and it is still the one, after all these years and hundreds of shows, that most takes me back to the real feel of the road. CBS Morning News production standards were flawless, and they only used audio from the scene (nothing…

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Popular Science cover - July 1984

Online and On the Road – Popular Science

I have fond memories of this article, which was written very early in the adventure… about 3000 miles along, relaxing on a Key West beach in early January, 1984. The system was simple and elegant back then… and I was concerned only with article deadlines, cash flow, and how to make it back to the…

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Words on Wheels, Writer's Digest

Words on Wheels – Writers Digest

As a budding freelancer, Writer’s Digest had been one of my most-studied magazines for years, teaching me the craft and providing monthly doses of motivation. The photo was taken on the Indianapolis 500 Speedway, and that map was my standard postcard that I sent to folks during my travels… updated with a route of the…

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He Cycles Along the High-Tech Lane – USA Today

This article by John Hillkirk (now editor of USA TODAY) was hugely pivotal in my early media coverage… and it set the stage for a series that I wrote for them over the next few months. The idea of staying connected with a portable computer while traveling was just starting to filter in to public…

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Cycling Across America with PV Power – Solarex Current

My first significant corporate sponsor, way back in 1983 when I started on this adventure, was Solarex. Starting with a 5-watt photovoltaic array for the Winnebiko, they took care of my electrical power generation needs for over a decade… 20 watts for the Winnebiko II, 82 watts for BEHEMOTH, and 510 watts for the Microship.…

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High tech bike trekker passes through Spring Hill

This was a fun encounter – I was pedaling up the dreaded Highway 19 after sailing with the bike from Key West to Clearwater. Suddenly, just south of Weeki Wachee, a fellow standing on the side of the highway began waving his arms and calling, “Stop! Stop! My boy called and said I had to…

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High-tech bike – Clearwater Sun

This short photo/caption appeared in the local paper in Clearwater, Florida, just as I arrived via J36 sailboat after three weeks in Key West. On the road again… High-tech bike Clearwater Sun – January 26, 1984 Photo by David Sigler Steven Roberts sits astride his recumbent bicycle Wednesday during a brief stop in Clearwater. The…

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Love at first byte – Key West Citizen

I am adding this to the archive server 30 years after its publication, and it is stunning to contemplate the cultural changes that have taken place since. In this story in the Key West newspaper, I had arrived in town via computerized bicycle, which was odd enough. But what captured the writer’s imagination was the…

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