Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

Media – Winnebiko

Cycling Speaker Writes on Road

This took place at an odd moment in my Computing Across America journey… I left the bike in Telluride and flew cross-country to speak at the Carolina Computer Expo in Charlotte. Here is a snippet from the book… A life online is a life outside the strictures of physics—at least the conventional physics that make…

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Biker Computes Across US – Scholastic News

Occasionally I rubbed elbows with the education community, and this little story triggered a few inquiries from teachers. Finding it now in my collection, I’m saddened by the front-page article about NASA’s quest for a teacher to fly on the Shuttle. Christa McAuliffe became that person, and was killed in the Challenger disaster on January…

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Cycle Circuit – Enter Magazine

A short little piece in Enter Magazine, by Children’s Television Workshop… and the image above is from the Sunday Comics of September 30, 1984. Enter — October, 1984 You’ve heard of people who peddle their goods. Well, here’s an example that might make you blow a circuit. Steve Roberts, 31, of Columbus, Ohio, wanted to find…

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With the Winnebiko in northern New Mexico

Taking It on the Road – Time

The timing of my Computing Across America adventure was no accident; it was the convergence of portable computing, networks, solar power, and recumbent bicycles that made it possible. The technology was very much in the news, given how much it was radically impacting the lives of journalists… this article focuses on that angle, with my…

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Steve Roberts and Winnebiko at Maroon Bells - Jeffrey Aaronson, Aspen

Winnebiko and Hewlett-Packard Portable at Maroon Bells

This 1984 photo session was by Jeffrey Aaronson of Aspen, and yielded some gorgeous images as well as nonstop interesting conversation. He was originally hired by National Geographic to do the shoot for a book on computers, and this additional image from the same day was used in Hewlett-Packard press releases about their Model 110…

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High tech nomad rides office cross country – Carbondale

This interview took place the day after a terrifying event… losing my brakes on McClure Pass and flying down the mountain, out of control, watching my life flash before me just as they say it does…. I leaned hard into a hairpin turn, squeezing the one brake lever and sensing only the slightest deceleration. This…

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Bedouin on a Bicycle Bivouacs in the Butte

In the collection of around 200 newspaper articles from my years of technomadic cycling, this one has always held the crown for the most delightfully alliterative title. I spent a week or so in Crested Butte, Colorado (leading to a passionate book chapter), and every day was filled with something wonderful, intense, or beautiful. On…

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Space-age nomad – Christian Science Monitor

I am looking for a hardcopy of this to scan; in the meantime, I’m taking the liberty of copying the text from the CSM archives. The article really catches the tech details (and feel) of this phase of the adventure, approximately 1 year along.  Space-age nomad: he hitched up a computer and took to the road…

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High-tech nomad in Gunnison

This short article in the Gunnison Times came out on the day I rode to Crested Butte with two young women, one of whom was severely injured when she was rear-ended by a truck. This cast a pall on my arrival in a magical place, and became a significant part of the book chapter about…

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