Art without engineering is dreaming;
Engineering without art is calculating.

Steven K. Roberts, N4RVE

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Bovine Computing – Online Today

During the ’80s, I got into a kick of finding interesting computer applications in unfamiliar fields, then writing about them for my favorite magazines. Interesting stuff always happens at the boundaries between specialties, and this let me be a productive dilettante, surfing the knee of the learning curve without having to spend too much time…

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An Awesome Voyage – Online Today

This actually took place in late January, 1984, and the story that became part of my monthly narrative in Online Today ended up getting fleshed out into one of my favorite chapters in Computing Across America… included in the free sample available as a PDF.  by Steven K. Roberts Online Today — Chapter 7 — May, 1984…

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Work at Home? Work Anywhere! – Online Today

I wrote this article at a time of intense discovery… the crazy high-tech bicycle adventure was becoming a self-supporting enterprise, and the emerging toolset was hugely provocative. In 1984, there was much intense discussion about the viability of working at home via computers and network connections; this piece explored the notion that there was no…

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Life in No-Node Land – Online Today

This is the print version of my online column on CompuServe (arguably, the first travel blog, though of course “blog” had no meaning yet). Here, I was blissfully immersed in Key West while my old Ohio home was freezing… the story was written on the beach in January, and references “the ultimate blind date” that…

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Information Brokers: The Online Freelancers

Written while I was on the road, this piece discusses information brokers who leverage their knowledge of Dialog and other database services into consulting work. I had done a little of that myself (as The Information Institute), but that was a minor sideline compared to writing and preparing for the Computing Across America adventure. I had friends who…

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The Hosteling Experience (Online Today, Chapter 5)

I quickly discovered the allure of hostels as I began my new bicycling life… and this one is one of the finest of the breed. If you ever pass through Brunswick, Georgia, take some time to savor this complete non-sequitur. Computing Across America Chapter 5: The Hosteling Experience by Steven K. Roberts Online Today –…

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Artificial Intelligence - Online Today - Steven K Roberts - 1

Artificial Intelligence – Online Today

Between 1980 and 1983, before venturing off on a life of technomadics, I had the good fortune to become a sort of cutting-edge dilettante. Every few months, I would jet to an academic conference with a press pass, spend a few days hanging with the gurus of a new microculture, then return with a head…

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A crazy encounter on the C&O Canal Towpath

An Encounter in the Woods (Online Today, Chapter 4)

This event on the Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath in Maryland was the first of the truly bizarre encounters of my bicycle adventure… bordering on the terrifying, rife with absurdity, and yielding a crazy tale that entertained audiences for years. It became a full chapter in the Computing Across America book (and is in the PDF free…

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Discovering the Basics in Ohiopyle (Online Today, chapter 3)

The adventure was starting to unfold, and my monthly narratives from the road were published in CompuServe’s magazine (as well as more frequently, in the CAA area online) Many, like this one, were later fleshed out as book chapters. Computing Across America Chapter 3: Discovering the Basics in Ohiopyle, PA by Steven K. Roberts Online…

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Cruising the Hoosier State (Online Today, chapter 2)

This was written in early October 1983, during the 762-mile shakedown cruise that began the adventure aboard the Winnebiko. I was still feeling my way and getting to know the tools, and this is #2 in a monthly column that ran for over a year and a half (this was the origin of the Computing…

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