by Steven K. Roberts
updated January 15, 2022

The more I engage with the virtual world of In Death: Unchained, the more I see things from the perspectives of the characters. Monks, knights, abominations, cupids, banshees, skeleton archers, ghosts, incubi, orphans, and bosses… all have stories to tell. I decided to start acquiring their writings and sharing them with humanity. It is risky, crossing reality boundaries, but the lasting friendships I have developed with some of them have dramatically changed the IDU experience.

This is a collection of reviews, videos, magazine excerpts, mini-features, encounters, and artworks. The directory below contains thumbnail images and titles, and each piece has its own page.

Dedicated to Superbright, with thanks for creating such an engaging virtual-reality experience!

IDU: Literature Received

We are working to assemble a complete library of books and other materials (monographs, conference proceedings, leaflets, and zines) published by IDU characters, and will periodically update the collection as I work my way through this list. There is a pervasive “publish or perish” ethos in their community that mirrors earth’s academia, so a surprising number of books have been written over the centuries. Our current list of titles awaiting review follows:

  • Field Manual of Battle Technique, by Sir Armond the Exalted
  • The Death of Anguish (by Anonymous Ghost)
  • So You Have Become an Abomination! Now what?
  • Tales from the Lava
  • Strategic Teleportation
  • After We Die: The Mysteries of Dematerialization
  • Is IDU a Simulation? (conference proceedings)
  • Tragedy of the Golden Child by F. Crittenton
  • Hacking the Reliquary
  • Surviving in the Pits – how to spawn where humans fear to tread

Author’s note: this is completely outside the context of my normal work in nautical adventures, technomadic bicycle narratives, and digitizing… but even paleogeeks need a little virtual reality now and then! This collection of IDU literature is completely non-commercial, and sharing it with the community is an expression of my love for the game.