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behemoth slidesFor 11 years, I dedicated all available resources to the pursuit of high-tech nomadness -- a freewheeling lifestyle aboard a computerized recumbent bicycle. Now the bike is retired, accompanying me on occasional speaking tours as I devote my time to building its aquatic successor -- the Microship. Both machines are autonomous mobile information and communication platforms... powered and propelled by human and solar power, linked via satellite with global information networks. Thanks to extensive help from hundreds of creative companies and individuals, the resulting systems have become showpieces of radical human interface technology, dynamic multiprocessor system architectures, and experimental communications links.

What does this all imply? How does it work? What's the point? And why does nomadness continue to be such an alluring lifestyle?

This document presents a brief history of the adventure, a detailed look at the new system, and some commentary on where it's headed from here. In the process, it sketches the history of the whole technomadic enterprise, traces the evolution of the supporting technology, and predicts future developments.

NOTE:  There are some good photos and a "feature list" for the three bike versions on the Winnebiko & BEHEMOTH Specs page... as well as a spirited retrospective of the entire adventure (with additional photos that are not in this section). The Place for Maps Online